Precision Honing Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Tandem Alignment Honing Tools, supplied in Australia

Delapena Alignment Hones are a simple but revolutionary way to hone and service aircraft without the need for expensive and time consuming dismantling.

Developed in conjunction with industry leaders, these tools provide precision honed surfaces maintaining the centre line of two bores that are honed independently without the need to remove the components from the aircraft.

Typical applications already using alignment honing tooling range are:

  • Side Stay
  • Gear Rib
  • Side Stay
  • Retract Jack
  • Pylon

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Honing Landing Gear
Honing Australia

Cylinder honing and deglazing

At Aus Honing we have the tooling, abrasives, oils and machines to cover all your cylinder honing and deglazing requirements, wherever you are in Australia.


Delapena have designed and manufactured a wide range of manual and machine driven automatic tooling for diameters from 25.4mm to 673mm.  The manual tooling can be driven by either electric or pneumatic tooling for use at in situ jobs like ship cylinder deglazing.  The friction feed automatic tooling can be fitted to the Delapena PowerHone machine for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes.


We have a wide range of standard and super abrasive honing sticks to cover all our customer requirements when honing a cylinder and all other requirements you may come across.

See more information on standard abrasives and super abrasives.


Delapena honing oils and coolants are formulated using the latest additives and technology to allow better performance through the honing process.

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Delapena produce a wide range of honing machines to cover multiple honing needs. For cylinder honing we have the PowerHone vertical honing solution for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes. The Powerhone is suitable for both through and blind bores, producing an excellent surface finish. The machine has been designed for durability, efficiency and economical honing.

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Cylinder Liner Image For Powerhone Honing machinery
Air Drive
Powerhone 2016

Gun Barrel Honing

Aus Honing supply a solution for the accurate production and refurbishment of gun barrels, throughout Australia.

From the innovative long bore precision E2000-XL CalibreHone machine through bespoke tooling and abrasives finished off with high quality honing oils, we have the complete solution when it comes to gun barrel honing requirements.

Honing Machine E2000-XL CalibreHone

The CalibreHone is a innovative long bore precision gun barrel honing machine which can produce straight and tapered bores at lengths up to 1200mm. The CalibreHone delivers consistent and controlled bore geometry, achieving tolerances and geometries to below 2μ, for diameters up to 50mm. This technically-advanced machine features a unique step-back, ‘back taper’ honing programme, to produce a controlled taper in the bore over a specified angle and length to enable the reliable honing of chokes in gun barrels.

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High Quality Tooling

We are suppliers of a wide range of bespoke tooling for the manufacture and refurbishment of barrel honing. From a multi stone and single stone roughing or finishing tool for the CalibreHone to an extended hard steel mandrels for use in refurbishment we cover all the requirements. The abrasives are specified to be tailored to your finish requirements whether it is a standard or super abrasive.

Quality Honing Oils

Delapena honing oils and coolants are formulated using the latest additives and technology to allow better performance through the honing process.

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Gun Honing Australia
Gun Barrel Drilling
Fun Barrel Honing Machinery & Equipment

Tube Honing at Delapena

At Aus Honing we can supply you with your complete Tube honing solution, from right here in Australia.

With the new range of Tube honing machines with a 2200mm and 4200mm fully adjustable stroke length,  capable of up to 650mm O/D and 500mm I/D  our solution is versatile and highly efficient.


To accompany the Tube honing machine we offer a full range of tooling and abrasives whether for our machine or as replacement for many other major manufactures.  With the standard tooling starting from 25.4mm bore size and the HD tooling available from 108mm ranging to 1222mm and head lengths to suit single, double and a triple stone set up we have your requirement covered.  We can also supply many custom built options to suit your specialised diameters and lengths to suit you needs.


Adding this to the wide range of standard and super abrasives for all your cutting, finishing and polishing requirements including the widely used H70-A45–D we at Aus Honing can provide the complete solution.


Delapena Sintered Products have developed Sunnen General Hone Compatible super abrasive stones and assemblies for tube honing. A range of sizes are available with abrasive to suit all requirements.


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Tubehone tube honing machine
HD honing stone set
HD honing head Australia
T Hone abrasive









Our honing abrasives can be used for equipment which is calibrated down to the millimeter, right through to much larger diameters. With the wide range of honing abrasives available, even the hardest of materials can be returned to a fully sharpened state. Here are some examples of honing abrasives in use.