Honing Abrasives Australia Wide

Delapena Super Abrasives

Delapena’s super CBN and Diamond Super abrasives are ideal for honing materials where material hardness makes standard abrasives ineffective, ie tungsten carbide and ceramics.

Delapena Super Abrasive line can also result in a significant reduction in honing cost.

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Bespoke super abrasives

Delapena Group now produce a range of bespole on request super abrasive at our UK production facility.

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Bespoke Super Abrasives for Honing - Australia

OEM Super Abrasives

Delapena Group now produce a range of Rottler and Sunnen compatible super abrasive at our UK production facility.

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OEM honing abrasives Australia

Delapena Standard Abrasives

At Delapena we use a wide variety of conventional honing abrasive. These have the advantage of being very cost effective, and with the wide range of materials, grit size and bond hardness we can supply the right option for you.

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standard honing abrasives Australia

T.A. Abrasives

Aus Honing provides a wide range of TA honing abrasives:
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  • Tube/Power Hones
  • Superabrasives
  • Mandrels & Stones
  • MD1
  • T1000
  • Honing kits
  • Portable honing kits
  • Portable stone sets
  • H70 – H50 stone sets
  • Rottler replacement stones
  • Cylinder king hone
  • Dressing sticks & wheels
  • Tool room sticks
  • Special shapes and sizes
  • Honing blocks
  • Block liner stones

Honing Oil and Coolants

Delapena’s range of high quality honing oil and coolants are formulated using the latest additives and technology. Your investment in Delapena’s honing oil will allow better performance and the lowest overall cost per part through the honing process.

Delapena’s honing oils are available in two different specifications.

Delapena Extra Honing Oil

Delapena Extra Honing Oil is formulated for use on standard applications that require high tolerances. Delapena Extra is light in colour to improve work piece visibility and improve consistency on smaller components such as: Cylinders, Gears, Control Bushes and Injection Pumps.

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Delapena HD Honing Oil

Delapena HD Heavy Duty Honing Oil is formulated using modern additives and technology to reinvent the “old” heavy sulpherised and chlorinated oils. Delapena HD is classically dark in colour and ideal for heavy duty and large diameter applications, such as Industrial Cylinders and Tube Hones.

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Also see the range of other oils on Delapena’s industrial oils page.

Honing Oil Fluid









Our honing abrasives can be used for equipment which is calibrated down to the millimeter, right through to much larger diameters. With the wide range of honing abrasives available, even the hardest of materials can be returned to a fully sharpened state. Here are some examples of honing abrasives in use.